Hello, and Welcome.

Here you will find some of my best print and digital advertising design, public relations and photography work since began my marketing career several years ago. I’ve actually been practicing most of my life, starting out when I was a youngster. I’ve always had a passion for sales, print advertising design, digital advertising design and public relations. I’m fascinated with verbal and nonverbal communications. I appreciate the way humans interact with each other and have always wanted to build on that, hopefully making myself a better communicator in the process.

Please take a few minutes to browse my marketing projects and learn a little more about me. As you poke around, keep in mind that my marketing experiences and passions live in several places, including print advertising design, digital advertising design, website design, email marketing, mobile app design, public relations and photography.

And when you’re ready to work together on your next marketing project, contact me.

Featured Projects

  • Consumer Monthly Calendar of Events
  • Consumer Monthly Calendar of Events
  • Hotel and Restaurant Billboard

Archived Projects

  • Commemorative Ticket
  • Consumer Vacation Travel Brochure
  • Monthly Employee Newsletter