My Expertise

  • Mobile App Design
    The success of a mobile app can almost always be attributed to its design. Aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use mobile apps have the potential to delight users with every swipe, tap and interaction. When developing mobile applications, laying out the user interface in a natural and intuitive way is a challenge that requires an experienced UI/UX designer. A mobile app design expert can take a client's chicken scratch and ideas, and create stunning, pixel-perfect designs that are compatible across a wide range of mobile devices.

    Some of my most common mobile app design projects include market research, concepting, storyboarding, frontend design, copywriting, testing and App Store management.
  • Website Design and Email Marketing
    Responsive design has emerged as the latest trend in website development, as more and more users regularly access the Internet on smartphones and other high-powered handheld devices. Therefore, in order to preserve the user experience, your website and email marketing campaigns should be the at the forefront of your business marketing plan. Websites and email marketing provides organizations with the most direct line of communication for conversions to sales. With an ROI of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association) for well-designed and well-executed campaigns, email more than pays for itself. Exceptional website design, as well as email design and content, has the capability to strengthen relationships with your clients and customers, and generate additional revenue in the process.

    Some of my most common website design and email marketing projects include front-end responsive design, HTML and CSS development, social media integration, content development, website maintenance and website security.
  • Print Advertising Design
    A well-developed print advertising campaign appeals to consumers through a combination of stunning visuals and compelling messages. Successful print advertising design creates a balance between understanding business goals, exceptional creative design and execution, and knowledge of the print production process. And although print advertising has been around for centuries, printed collateral and marketing materials can still play an important role in a business's marketing efforts. Print advertising design has the potential to provide you with a competitive edge by strategically marketing your business concisely and cost effectively.

    Some of my most common print advertising design projects include brochures, newspaper and magazine ads, direct mailers, business cards, letterhead and envelopes, print sourcing and print production services.
  • Public Relations
    At its core, public relations is about earning and using media to build and improve the trust of stakeholders to help drive additional business success. Earned media is crucial to making a business seem successful, honest, important, exciting or relevant, and should be a part of every marketing program. But the paths to creating awareness can be dramatically different depending on the nature of your business.

    Some of my most common public relations projects include writing and distributing press releases and media pitches, creating and executing special events designed for public outreach and media relations, conducting market research, sponsoring events, copy writing and blog writing for the web, crisis public relations strategies, social media marketing and promotions, and managing online consumer feedback.
  • Digital Advertising Design
    Digital advertising has become one of the most effective ways to market a product or service because it allows businesses to quickly reach a highly-defined segment of potential clients and customers. Gone are the days of relying entirely upon simple print publications, static billboards, radio and television to generate sales. With digital advertising, businesses have a greater ability to track, target and convert customers than ever before. A growing list of advertising technology platforms provide endless opportunities for business marketers to engage their customers personally, across multiple channels. Coupled with traditional print advertising, digital marketing has the ability to reach a massive audience.

    Some of my most common digital advertising projects include online advertisement design and placement, CTA digital downloads, HTML marketing emails and digital billboards.
  • Digital Photography
    The best way to sell products and services is to let them sell themselves. Great photography can immediately show your customers the benefits of what you have to offer, and high quality visual content is essential for an effective print and digital marketing campaign. Experienced photographers have the ability to work with high quality cameras, lighting and post-production techniques to provide clients with exceptional advertising and editorial photography.

    Some of my most common digital photography projects include product and service photography, location planning, photo styling, digital post-production, image manipulation and high-volume digital file transfers.